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Our Sail & Bike Tours

Our special sail and bike tours allow you to experience the unique atmosphere on board a traditional tall ship without having to do without the adventurous, daily cycling tours on the beautiful island and coastal landscapes.

Feel the sea breeze brush past your face by the setting of sails, and let yourself be educated on the art of sailing by an experienced sea dog or dare to take the ship’s wheel into your own hands and feel the tall ship come to life.

The cooperative experiences on board lead to a special unity within our travel groups and the atmosphere on board our tall ships is often described as extraordinary and a special experience in itself.

Overview of our Grading System

The cycle routes require a basic level of fitness, which you should have acquired through daily cycling. The roads are mainly asphalted.

The cycle tours reach elevations between 328 and 984 ft./100 and 300 metres. A day’s tour covers between 12 and 32 mi/20 and 50 km.

The cycle tours reach elevations between 656 and 1,640 ft./200 and 500 metres. A day’s tour covers between 19 and 38 mi/30 and 60 km.

The cycle tours reach elevations between 984 and 2,296 ft./300 and 700 metres. A day’s tour covers between 19 and 50 mi/30 and 80 km.

Helmet use is mandatory on all cycle/bike tours. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own (well-fitted) helmet. Rental helmets are in limited number only availabe.

from 1490 euro

Sail & Bike Balearic Islands
from Ibiza/to Mallorca
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 160 km

from 1290 euro

Sail & Bike Scotland
from Oban/to Oban
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 265 km

Thalassa_box image
from 1390 euro

Sail & Bike Northern Ireland
from Belfast/to Belfast
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 205 km

from 890 euro

Sail & Bike Danish South Funen Archipelago & Baltic Sea
from Kiel-Holtenau/to Kiel-Holtenau
7 Days/6 Nights
approx. 175 km

from 1280 euro

South Danish Archipelago & German Baltic Sea XL
from Kiel-Holtenau/to Kiel-Holtenau
10 Days/9 Nights
approx. 195 km

Tall Ship Tours: Freedom of the Sea

Salty sea breeze and seaman’s yarns…

Being on board of a tall ship is like travelling back in time, in the era of the great explorers who circumnavigated the globe and the seven seas. It is like rediscovering graceful movement in a world which continues to spin fast and faster. Just travelling for the sake of travelling…

Do you wish to ‘sea’ more? Our short film about the Atlantis will explain to you why life on board of a tall ship is such a specialty.

Take a look at our short film about the Atlantis here

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